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Financial Accountant

Lagos Island, Lagos, NG Free

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Supervise all financial accounting activities for the company
Ensure financial records comply with company policies and Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP)
Oversee daily, weekly and monthly review of GL balances towards presenting accurate financial reports at all times, identify accounting errors or discrepancies and suggest necessary corrective actions
Prepare accurate monthly and annual financial reports on or before due date and perform preliminary analysis thereon

Required Skills
Advanced knowledge of Microsoft Excel
Deep knowledge of ERP especially Microsoft Dynamics NAV
Solid knowledge of accounting regulations such IFRS, CAMA etc.
Knowledge of tax laws and other related regulatory laws such as Pension Reform Act etc.
Excellent math skills with critical attention to detail

Required Qualifications
BSc degree in Accounting, Finance or relevant study
Must be a Chartered Accountant 
Minimum of 4 years proven experience as a Financial Accountant, Financial Analyst or similar role.

Applications should be sent to recruitwithhumphrey@gmail.com

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