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Nintendo Game & Watch

Here’s a better look at the Game & Watch handheld launching in November

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11. Sep 2020
Nintendo Game & Watch

If it sells out quickly, this might be the best view you’ll get.


Nintendo is offering a closer look at the new Game & Watch hardware coming on November 13th that will come preloaded with the original Super Mario Bros. game. In case you missed out on the announcement last week, it’s a $49.99 device that’s being released in limited quantities for Mario’s 35th anniversary celebration — and it’s likely going to be very difficult to get your hands on one. In addition to the original Mario title, it comes loaded with Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels (released as Super Mario Bros. 2 in Japan) and a Mario-themed version of Ball, a new twist on a classic Game & Watch game that first released decades ago.


This video clip mostly shows the ins and outs of the modernized Game & Watch console (Nintendo’s handheld devices that predate the Game Boy). It has a sharp LCD screen that appears to be backlit, and the general design is reminiscent of the GBA Micro. Around its right side, the Game & Watch features a USB-C port for charging its rechargeable battery.


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