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3rd Developer Nintendo Switch

Next-Gen Nintendo Switch Upgrade Hinted At By Third-Party Developer

Video Game Consoles & Games
14. Sep 2020
3rd Developer Nintendo Switch

A game developer is hinting at the existence of a new Nintendo Switch model that could support 4K output, in keeping with Switch Pro rumors.


Another new rumor from a third-party developer is furthering the narrative that a new 4K-capable model of the Nintendo Switch (lovingly known among Nintendo fans as the Switch Pro) is in the works. Nintendo released the Switch out of step with its competitors in 2017, and it's now over three years old and starting to feel its age a bit. On the eve of Microsoft and Sony releasing big upgrades, the Switch suddenly looks even more underpowered in comparison to its fast-approaching next-gen competitors.

The most glaring omission from the current Switch is the lack of support for 4K output. Both Microsoft's and Sony's consoles got a 4K half-step upgrade this generation, and 4K is at the forefront of most of the next generation of gaming. With games already ramping up to support higher resolutions, Nintendo editions of 2021 titles and beyond could be inferior ports or nonexistent, depending on how willing the publisher is to downgrade a release for older hardware. Of course, if Nintendo has a new edition of the Switch in the hopper, this problem could fix itself. According to industry rumors, that's exactly what's going on.

Third-party developer FDG Entertainment is the latest source to suggest via tweet that the house of Mario is prepping the third edition of their latest console. The tweet is in response to a player bemoaning that PS4 owners of Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom will get an upgraded version on PS5 while no announcement has been made for a Switch upgrade. The tweet, stating that Nintendo may have some "next-gen hardware in the oven," not only suggests at a 4K Switch, but perhaps at a new console that can support cross-gen upgrades or even full backward compatibility.


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